Our Mission

Police canines (K9s) play a vital role in keeping our communities safe and protected. At P.A.W. Stoppers, we feel it’s our role to keep these dogs healthy, trained, and ready for action.

K9s are some of the most valuable members of a police force. They undergo extensive training, hours of practice, and a vigorous work schedule, but their dedication to protecting their community never fades.

These highly trained, highly intelligent dogs are an essential part of police forces, but it’s not always possible for law enforcement agencies to provide adequate funding for the care, training and maintenance required for these dogs. With this in mind, P.A.W. Stoppers was founded with the basic purpose of assisting Law Enforcement agencies with the appropriation and distribution of funding for police canine-related interests.

    P.A.W. Stoppers supports the progress of police K9 programs by providing financial assistance to alleviate some of […]

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