About P.A.W. Stoppers


P.A.W. Stoppers supports the progress of police K9 programs by providing financial assistance to alleviate some of the financial burden from the law enforcement agencies.  The foundation also assists in the initial and continual training of the canine teams by providing ongoing maintenance training by certified police K9 trainers. Our first line of business is to aid in Police K9 training.

Your generous donations help accomplish things such as:

  • Purchase of Police K9 dogs for a local department
  • Decoy training classes
  • Purchase of full body bite suits
  • Purchase of starter guns
  • Purchase of heat alarm
  • Purchase of baseball cards with K9 info to provide education on how the dogs help police officers
  • Purchase of dog food for retired K9s
  • Veterinary bills for retired K9s
  • Purchase of training boots and uniforms for members going to certification
  • Repairs of a mobile home used for training purposes
  • Miscellaneous items requested by departments based on need